Let the adventure begin..


There Was A Young Lady Who Lived In A City


There was a young lady that moved to a city,
Of historic treasures and picturesque beauty.
Beaches and mountains to east and to west,
Night clubs and fun trails for those who don’t rest.

For years all the locals told lady of treasures,
But lady, she scoffed, her ideal – it didn’t measure.
Her preconceived notions of skyscrapers and theatres
Were unmatched in city’s polite southern splendors

Then one day the lady while hosting a friend
Saw all that the city had held deep within –
Oak trees in the fall with leaves yellow and orange
Old houses with character, canoers with courage

The lady discovered disdain was her sin
For city was vibrant and welcomed her in.
Her complaints and misgivings were all such a pity.
I am that young lady who now loves her new city!


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