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Halloween and Sf Gaints Parade


Happy Halloween everyone!

I’m writing this as I sit at my desk (pretending to work on something) and listening to the screaming, probably drunk, Giants fans that are around the corner watching the parade.

I wish I could join (just to say that I was there; I’m not actually a fan). Oh and I wish I had the day off. I would probably dress up in a stupid costume, buy some wine, and commence to drink it while attempting to carve pumpkins. But alas, I am at work. Pretending to work. Thinking about wine, NaNO, and the book I’m currently reading (Perks of Being a Wallflower).

I am also thinking about this time next year. My dream is to be in Rosemont, PA (technically at Rosemont College) studying for my M.A. in Publishing. However, first I must do some time at this “real world” job to “gain experience”…pretty much just doing it to save some money and make my resume look better.


In which I blog because I don’t want to work


The title pretty much sums it up, I believe.

Let’s see. Halloween is tomorrow. I will be carving pumpkins and drinking at home. My costume? It’s called “I’m-drinking-at-home-in-my-sweats-because-now-I-have-a-real-world-job-that-I-have-to-go-to-in-the-morning”. It shall be my greatest costume yet. 

But seriously, I am excited for the pumpkin carving. Maybe I’ll posts pictures if any of the pumpkins survive. Oh, yeah, this will be my first ever attempt at carving. 

Birthday is coming up! My list hasn’t changed since 3rd grade: I want Books and Money. 

Also, NaNoWriMo starts in a few days. So maybe add Coffee to that birthday present list. 



Well, October has become my “month of getting a workout routine”. It’s somewhat worked. I think about the gym daily. I go at least three times a week (if not more). And my goal for the end of October is to be able to do a pull up and chin up. We’ll see how that goes.

So far, I can see a difference. Very slight definition in my arms. But the main thing is the strength. I can do a lot more and handle a lot more weight than when I started. I can do one minute planks (sides and normal) and can do workout moves that require core strength (those of which I couldn’t do even one at the beginning)! So all in all, yayy strength!! 

Also, I’ve set a goal for November. I have decided to take on NaNoWriMo. Am I crazy? Yes, I believe I am. But I feel the need to try this. What’s the worst that can happen? I go crazy and only write a quarter of the amount I’m supposed to? Oh well, I would still have more words than when I started. And the best that can happen? I win. And I write a novel! I really see it as a win-win situation. I just have to have a strict writing schedule, which will be the hardest, I believe. 


Goals and Such