Halloween and Sf Gaints Parade


Happy Halloween everyone!

I’m writing this as I sit at my desk (pretending to work on something) and listening to the screaming, probably drunk, Giants fans that are around the corner watching the parade.

I wish I could join (just to say that I was there; I’m not actually a fan). Oh and I wish I had the day off. I would probably dress up in a stupid costume, buy some wine, and commence to drink it while attempting to carve pumpkins. But alas, I am at work. Pretending to work. Thinking about wine, NaNO, and the book I’m currently reading (Perks of Being a Wallflower).

I am also thinking about this time next year. My dream is to be in Rosemont, PA (technically at Rosemont College) studying for my M.A. in Publishing. However, first I must do some time at this “real world” job to “gain experience”…pretty much just doing it to save some money and make my resume look better.



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