Who else can’t control themselves with their own books?


So, keeping with my Bookish Resolutions, I have started reading The Hobbit. Also with keeping up with the resolutions, I haven’t purchased a new book. I think I was having with-drawls or something, because I have ended up starting another book. I am currently reading two books. No joke.

The other book has been on my shelf for a while. Not because I didn’t want to read it, just because I kept getting distracted with others and buying even more. I suppose you could say I got in over my head with all these books. This one is Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen. 

My reading schedule? During my lunch break and my train ride every day I am reading The Hobbit. I really want to finish this one first, since I started it first, and get my review up! And then at night I have been reading Along For the Ride. I must say, it’s very fun reading two such totally different books at the same time!

Does anyone else ever read multiple books at time? Is it because you just can’t help yourself or is there another reason? I would love to know what you guys think!


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  1. ME!! I’m currently reading Until I Die and Dance of Shadows at the same time. It’s mostly because I have Until I Die in hardcopy and I read it on bus rides so I won’t get serious motion sickness while I read Dance of Shadows (which is in ecopy) on other times. I tend to need some time to transit from one book to another, especially if I’ve just read a very fast-paced scene! And it does get confusing too… 😛

    Book a World

  2. I usually read multiple books at the same time, usually because I can’t help myself, but sometimes, like summer I need a paperback for the pool/beach but have been reading something on kindle. Or I lose interest for a bit and start something else. Then I focus on one and finish it because I get drawn into one over the other. Sometimes they languish half read for months…but I get back to them eventually.

  3. I’m currently reading… uh… five books. Three re-reads and two new ones. And that’s not even counting the comic magazines in the bathroom. And the newspapers, of course.

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