Put On Hold


I absolutely hate doing this! But, alas, I have no choice. I would rather put a book on hold than read it without giving it my full attention.

That being said, The Salt God’s Daughter is POH, as of right now.

I’m about halfway through and I can honestly say that I will get back to it sometime this year. It is well written, don’t get me wrong there. It’s just not what I had expected and not really my taste in books. However, the reason I want to come back to it with my full attention is because I know that this book will have a phenomenal ending.It’s also the type of book that is very heavy in one’s emotional journey through life.

I have made many notes about the first half (for reviewing purposes) and want to give the last half of the book the same attention. And then I shall have a full book review for you to enjoy.

I’ll end this somewhat sad post on a happier note, I’m almost done with Cinder and I’m completely in love with it!

How do you guys feel about putting a book on hold? Do you ever actually go back to finish them?


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