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Check In!


Today is the first of February! So, let’s see how everyone is doing with their Bookish New Years Goals!

I have read 1 book so far that I already had and am currently on the 2nd. That means I’m only one away from checking off #1 on my list! (Which was to read 3 I already had). I just finished The Hobbit, which has been on my TBR list for sometime, so a second goal there of going through my TBR list. And it was my first Tolkien, so there’s another goal of reading a new author! And I’m working on the last goal through the year (giving thorough reviews of each)!

So 1 book down, 9 to go (according to my Bookish goals, let’s see how far I can beat it)!

How’re you all doing?

Happy Friday! Cheers!

First reread of 2013!


I received a copy of an uncorrected proof of Forever by Maggie Stiefvater from a wonderful coworker!
So now I have my first book to reread! That’s another “bookish resolution” that I had! So far 2013 is looking grand!

How’re you guys coming along with your resolutions?