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Tuesday Top Ten


I’m joining in on the Tuesday Top Ten hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

My Top Ten Reading Goals for 2013:

1. Read 3 books that I currently have before buying another. (Harder than it sounds!)

2. Read 3 books that have been on my TBR list for years. (Currently on the first! The Hobbit)

3. Read 3 books that are out of my “normal” genre. 

4. Read 3 new authors.

5. Read 3 books from NYT Bestsellers List. (Will probably end up with more than 3)

6. Read 3 books from debut authors.

7. Read at least 10 books. (I know that seems low, but some will be thick!)

8. Reread at least one book that I enjoyed in the last two years. (I don’t reread enough anymore! If you love a book, it should be read and reread and reread again!)

9. Convince BF to read one book of my choosing! (Also, shall be hard)

10. Give thorough reviews of every book!

Well, there you have it! My bookish goals for this year! I’m off to a good start. Currently reading The Hobbit, which has been on my reading list for years. Also, this is my first Tolkien! 

(You may have noticed that my list is full of 3’s. It hasn’t nothing to do with 2013, though it’s a cool coincidence. I just love the number 3. It’s been my favorite since I can remember!)

What are your Bookish Goals for the new year?


December is for Plotting


I have decided to utilize December as my plotting month, before any editing or rewrite. I found The Plot Whisperer through Twitter (thanks for that!) and am on Day Six. 

I’ve never tired to plot before. I only know the very basics to plotting in general. I’m more a write-as-you-feel person. So, this should be a great learning experience! And hopefully it will really be helpful come January when I take a deep breath and start that 2nd draft!

If you’d like to join in for PlotWriMo (whether or not you did NaNo), I encourage you to give it a try with me!