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The Tragedy Paper Giveaway!


Who doesn’t love a giveaway?!

The wonderful The Girl From The Ghetto is hosting a giveaway this month for The Tragedy Paper (by Elizabeth Leban)! This book is definitely on my Reading List 2013. 

Check out the Giveaway here:




Project For Awesome


A great charity! Lots of awesome authors and artists are participating! Please donate (you get gifts!) for a great cause and be part of something real and wonderful!

For more information, watch John Green’s intro!

Writing and Reading and Plotting


I am still following The Plot Whisperer and trying to plot out my NaNo piece before the rewrite. However, I am stuck. I have not printed off my work to read. Why? Because I’m scared! So I’m a few days behind on PlotWriMo due to this fear. I plan on sucking it up this weekend and reading it. But still…nervous!

In the meantime I have started a new story. (Stephen King and The Plot Whisperer both agree on starting a new project before going into rewrite of one you just finished). So with the blessing of a few Masters, I dove into one. And then I got a nesty case of insomnia the other night and started a completely different one! I know, I know, I’m weird. But I am more excited about this new story then the one I had started at the beginning of this month. So I’m putting that one on the back burner and delving into this one! *fingers crossed it’s as good as I hope it’ll be*

Also, I finally started reading The Raven Boys!! Love it so far! Check back for a book review of it soon!


December is for Plotting


I have decided to utilize December as my plotting month, before any editing or rewrite. I found The Plot Whisperer through Twitter (thanks for that!) and am on Day Six. 

I’ve never tired to plot before. I only know the very basics to plotting in general. I’m more a write-as-you-feel person. So, this should be a great learning experience! And hopefully it will really be helpful come January when I take a deep breath and start that 2nd draft!

If you’d like to join in for PlotWriMo (whether or not you did NaNo), I encourage you to give it a try with me!